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EasyShop — Homeware / Handcraft Shop Template (Breakdance Builder + WooCommerce)


EasyShop is a premium mobile-friendly design set for creating homeware / handcraft storefronts with Breakdance builder and WooCommerce. EasyShop features a mobile-friendly, modern design with clean typography.

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Requires the Pro version of Breakdance plugin for WordPress

EasyShop is delivered in a downloadable ZIP file. Follow the step-by-step guide inside to install and configure this design set for your website.

What's Included

This design set comes with 27 templates including all the pages and elements for a complete WooCommerce experience:

  • (1)(2) Header Templates
    • Main header for entire website
    • Minimal header for distraction-free checkout page
  • (3)(4) Footer Templates
    • Main footer for entire website
    • Minimal footer for distraction-free checkout page
  • (5) Front Page Template
    • Home / front page layout with a hero slider, a product grid with filters, and featured sections
  • (6) Shop Page and Product Archives Template
    • WooCommerce shop page layout with product filters and product grid
  • (7) Search Results Template
  • (8)(9) Single Product Templates
    • Product display layout with WooCommerce image slider, product details and related products grid
    • Alternate product display layout that uses a customisable image grid instead of the WooCommerce slider
  • (10) Cart Page Template
  • (11) Checkout Page Template
    • Distraction-free 1-column layout for checkout page
  • (12) Login Page Template
  • (13) Register Page Template
  • (14) My Account Page Template
    • Account dashboard page layout with horizontal tabs
  • (15) Order Tracking Page Template
  • (16) Contact Page Template
  • (17) Frequently Asked Questions Page Template
    • FAQs page layout with question and answer accordions
  • 18) About Page Template
  • (19) Policy Page Template
    • General page layout for policy pages, terms and conditions, etc
  • (20) Blog Archives Template
    • Blog page layout showing latest articles in 2-columns
  • (21) Single Blog Post Template
    • Blog post layout with a large featured image, 1-column content section, and related posts grid
  • (22) 404 Error Template
  • (23)(24)(25)(26) Featured Banner Blocks
    • Designed banner sections for featuring product categories, products or any other type of content
  • (27) Payment Badges Block
    • Designed block with a secure checkout badge and icons for displaying available payment options

EasyShop by Sanjay Panikkar

Released November 2023

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EasyShop — Homeware / Handcraft Shop Template (Breakdance Builder + WooCommerce)

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